Bebe Cool Nearly Bonks On Stage

Zuena seems not to be giving her husband enough sex as he acts wild and horny even in public places.

Bebe Cool on stage doing his thing (Matooke Republic Photo)
Bebe Cool on stage doing his thing (Matooke Republic Photo)

At a recent family show at Resort Beach Entebbe, Bebe cool nearly plugged his ‘Cable’ into a dancer live on stage as the whole crowd looked on.

The ‘Love you every day’ singer is silently delivering a message to the public that he is not getting enough sexual attention from his wife, dancer, and photographer Zuena Kirema.


He was seen kissing a vixen recently, which sparked off social media debate though his wife denied being hurt by the kiss.

However, Bebe acted horny and disrespectful as the whole crowd was seeing, worse enough the kids who were taken for the show by their parents also witnessed the act.

Bebe cool is set to release his latest video on New Year’s Day where he will be showcasing his kissing techniques

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