Christmas Sex Positions That You Must Try Out

Are you looking for ways to make your sex life more exciting this Christmas?

Has anyone in living history ever done this? Picture: Universal)
Has anyone in living history ever done this? Picture: Universal)

Send the kids to bed and check out our selection of Christmas-themed position.

Even if you don’t try one of these sex positions, they should raise a festive smile!

You know what they say… tis the season to be jolly so grab your other half and jump under the covers and warm up with some of our sexy festive moves.

Who needs mistletoe when you’ve got a Christmas sex guide like this one!

Jingle Balls

Great for… A late night holiday bedroom session

How does it work? He lies down on his back with his legs slightly apart. Then you slide down onto him facing his legs. You can then control the pace and also jingle his balls while you move.

The turn-ons You’re in total control and can have him begging for more.

The turn-offs: Your thighs may start to ache after a while

Difficulty rating: 2/5 One of the easier positions

Fun rating: 3/5 You’ll have him in the palm of your hand, quite literally!

The Reindeer

Great for… Giving each other a Christmas present

How does it work? Get on your hands and knees and then wait for your fella to lean over you from behind. He can then wrap his arms around you and thrust.

The turn-ons One of the best positions for an orgasm, as he can touch your clitoris at the same time.

The turn-offs: Some women find this sort of position a bit degrading

Difficulty rating: 3/5 Needs a bit of manoeuvring for you both to feel comfortable

Fun rating: 4/5 Perfect for coming together

The Christmas Cracker

Great for… Keeping that Christmas hangover at bay

How does it work? Get your fella to sit down on the floor or bed, using his arms for balance. Then you need to sit astride him with your knees bent and then lean back resting on your hands. Now you both need to thrust while leaning back at the same time.

The turn-ons You get to control the pace and should hit your g-spot

The turn-offs: Your arms need to be quite strong to keep going.

Difficulty rating: 3/5 It’s all in the push and pull

Fun rating: 4/5 Great for building up a sweat!

Come All Ye Faithful

Great for… Simultaneous orgasm

How does it work? This is a classic position with you on top, using your hands to balance either side of his head.

The turn-ons You get to control the rhythm and he gets to play with your breasts.

The turn-offs: If he’s big it can be a little uncomfortable

Difficulty rating: 2/5 You just need to keep your balance

Fun rating: 3/5 A good one if you want to synchronize your orgasms

Coming Down The Chimney

Great for… Hitting your G-spot

How does it work? Get your fella to kneel down and then sit astride him and wrap your arms round each other. You can then move together to keep the pace and rhythm going.

The turn-ons This is great for your orgasm as there’s lots of friction involved.

The turn-offs: Your man might find his legs go to sleep if you take too long!

Difficulty rating: 2/5 You just need to stay close together

Fun rating: 4/5 A good one for vigorous movement

The Stocking Filler

Great for… An athletic session after you’ve been out to a Christmas party

How does it work? You lie on your back and lift your legs in the air. Then he kneels in front you, grabbing your legs, so they wrap around his neck. Then he enters you, holding onto your legs to help control the rhythm.

The turn-ons you get to lie back and do minimal work and he should be able to hit your G-spot.

The turn-offs: You need to be quite athletic and supple to get those legs up there.

Difficulty rating: 3/5 It’s all in the leg power

Fun rating: 4/5 Good for a giggle

Silent Night

Great for… Quiet sex when the in-laws are in the spare bedroom.

How does it work? You lie on your back and part your legs, allowing him to slide inside. Small movements are now all you need.

The turn-ons Small is often beautiful – the gentle rubbing should be enough to send you to orgasm

The turn-offs: It’s not the most energetic of positions.

Difficulty rating: 3/5 Looks easy, but actually quite tricky to get into the right position

Fun rating: 2/5 Perfect when you need minimal movement and noise

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