Cindy Parades Juicy Thighs In Club

Cindy has always been a victim of public ridicule for her less sexy body which is slim and dry-looking.

Cindy and Ken in a night Club
Cindy and Ken in a night Club

Cindy is not sexy only when she is not putting on shots that leave her thighs out for public viewing.

Cindy was spotted with her newly regained lover Ken Muyisa in a night club looking sexy than ever before.

Cindy shared her juicy photos on Facebook to prove that actually she is sexy and can have Ken Muyiisa at any time she wishes.

Cindy's Juicy thighs left many tongues wagging
Cindy’s Juicy thighs left many tongues wagging

She captioned the photos ‘What is mine will always be unless ofcos I say otherwise’

Cindy, who had reportedly broke up with her lover Ken, is suspected to have done powerful charms which could have been embedded in her recently demolished Halloween weave.

Cindy is said to be succulent and wild in bed, something that was confirmed by her ex lover Dan Lubega also known as DJ western.

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