Desire Vows To Unleash Fleshy ‘Kitone’ At Monaco

On Sunday December 21, all roads will be leading to Monaco Resort a cozy hangout in Bbira Bulaga next to Watoto Schools along Mityana road after singer Desire vowed to unleash the truth about her Kitone story while performing there alongside King Saha.


Speaking to reporters yesterday, Desire said Monaco Resort is the only place she is going to open up about what she has been going through in her love life and a few details about her water flowing love tape that was leaked by Franklin her former Nigerian boyfriend.

“You know sometimes you need a peaceful environment with passionate people to open up and I believe this is the time,” the singer told our snoop.

Monaco Resort is known to be a secluded love nest where most tycoons run to cool off.

Desire has been known these days to grace secluded places as a way of keeping herself private. A few days ago she shocked people in Seeta when she performed for a chosen few at Viper house.

While there a city dude offered her one million shillings cash for a steamy romp.

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