FDC Delegates Humiliate Alaso Over Poor Record Keeping

FDC Secretary General and Serere woman MP Alice Alaso faced humiliation during the delegates’ conference in Namboole Stadium, after delegates unanimously agreed to throw out her record of minutes for having glaring grammatical mistakes and factual gaps.

 noted that the failure to address issues of motivation is a permanent condemnation of the future of children of the poor and rural areas.
Alice Alaso

The onslaught was ignited by former leader of opposition and Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi who pointed out that the minutes didn’t capture even basics of the meeting including names of key political figures.

Mafabi pointed out that his name was deleted, and the records also lacked leader of Opposition Wafula Oguttu , Augustine Ruzindana and most of what was deliberated upon.

“Madam chairperson these minutes have glaring problems, we can’t say they can’t just say they need amendment , they need an overhaul,” Nandala said.

In an attempt to defend herself, Alaso said the person who was supposed to make the records run away with the minutes.

“The person who recorded the minutes run away with  them , even in the register my name is missing and attempts  to get hold of him have been in vain but also we didn’t want take it to police because he is a member of this party so  we also decided to cease fire,” Alaso said.

“ With  spelling errors we are truly responsible  and sorry but please understand us, we  have tried to reconstruct what was said otherwise we would even have no minutes.”

However Kampala Woman MP Nabillah Sempala Nagayi faulted Alaso for not doing much at record keeping at the secretariat.

She said the party is faced with a dysfunctional structure at the headquarters that it is hard to retrieve even minor records.

“ We have structural challenges which were made in  2010 at headquarters  but when you ask people at the secretariat the names of the people, all they tell us that there are not there, the management of information at the party has been long standing and we need to solve once and for all,” Nabillah said.

Chairing the session, the FDC national chairperson who also doubles as Rubaga Mayor Joyce Ssebugwawo ruled that the minutes be deferred until  they are properly contracted because it had glaring factual mistakes.

MPs Face Humiliation
Prior to the debates on the authenticity of the minutes, the conference resolved that All Members of parliament that have not been remitting their mandatory contribution face naming and shaming in the next conference.

The motion arose from a report which indicated that many of the MP stopped remitting their contributions to the party since 2011.

The motion was supported by Obongi County MP Kaps Fungaroo with an amendment that those that have contributed tremendously to the party should also be commended.

He said while there are those that don’t pay there are people who pay, including market women who contribute to the rent payments of their offices.

Nabillah chipped in saying it would be unfair to look at only the MPs yet the party has so many people in leadership positions but they don’t contribute anything.

“We have councillors who earn some money but are comfortably keeping quiet; they opt to capitalize on MPs. We need to be talking about these people too, this party is about accountability for all not only for MPs. The delegate conference should make a solution that cuts across all,” she said.

She was supported by Gulu MP Betty Achan who said it was wrong for people not to pay yet it is through contribution that the party is able to function.

She said some people have religiously paid their dues yet others on party ticket don’t say anything. She vowed that if something, those that have been paying would withdraw and see whether the company would survive.

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