Judiciary Transfers 105 Judicial Officers

The Judiciary has carried out massive transfers that will affect 105 lower judicial officers, a move aimed at enhancing effective delivery of judicial services in the country.


The judicial officers affected are of the ranks of assistant registrars, chief magistrates, magistrates Grade One and Two.

According to the transfer instrument signed off by the Chief Registrar Paul Gadenya Wolimbwa, the affected judicial officers have been directed to report to their new stations effective January 1, 2015.

Some of the prominent transfers include; Grade One Magistrate John Patrick Wekesa who now moves from Bugiri to Nsangi, Jessica Chemeri from Mwanga II goes to Law Reporting and Joyce Kavuma who has been the Chief Magistrate Entebbe Court, now moves to Court of Appeal as Acting assistant registrar.

Other notable transfers include; Senior Grade One Magistrate Francis Dawa Matenga formarly at Mayuge, now moves to Wakiso and Emmy Geoffrey Sayekwo who now moves to Mwanga II as its head.

While addressing the press over the transfers this morning at Buganda Road Court in Kampala, assistant Public Relations Officer of the Judiciary Araali Kagoro Muhiirwa; said starting next year, the judiciary has set targets that a given judicial officer is expected to hear annually.

Mr Muhiirwa explained that all chief magistrates will be expected to handle 1100 annually, senior principle Grade One will be expected to handle 500 cases and new Grade One Magistrates will be expected to handle 300 cases annually.

He said this is aimed at tackling the case backlog issue.

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  1. They will dismiss cases prematurely just to beat their targets although the decision could help avoid adjournments

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