Kissing Was Part Of My Project With Diamond- Zari

In a interview a local TV station on Wednesday evening, Zari shocked Ugandans when she said that the photos that leaked on social media of her and Diamond Kissing were actually from a video shoot of their upcoming song.

Zari, Diamond Kiss Passionately
Zari, Diamond Kiss Passionately

Everyone was left in shock since it is well-known that Zari’s singing career ended prematurely and it is a total nightmare.

When the TV host asked Zari to sample any of her latest songs, she resorted to hissing, whispering and faking American brogue. This clearly showed that the Zari-Diamond project is not about singing.

When asked why he chose to perform at Zari’s Party, Diamond revealed that the socialite is so ‘hard-working’ unlike other women.

The two having fun in Dar es Salaam
The two having fun in Dar es Salaam

Diamond also confessed that Zari did not affect his previous relationship with Wema Sepetu as many people claim.

However his previous girlfriend and Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu swore to do whatever it takes to make sure she mines Diamond from Zari desert.

Zari also confessed that if Chameleone and Diamond had concerts on the same day, she would boldly attend the one of her bonkmate, Diamond Platinumz

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