Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago Writes To President Museveni About Gen.Sejusa

You preposterously lock up the Lord Mayor’s Parlour for over a year now; you put me on bridle and shackles; you make me plod various corridors of courts to answer a plethora of frivolous criminal charges, and in search of civil justice; you subject me to horrid and humiliating treatment, and ironically demand for an apology from your hapless victim.

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

A four star UPDF General, hitherto serving as the axis of intelligence, mysteriously flees into exile and accuses you and the entire government of a litany of felonies and crimes against humanity.

You, in a blatant disregard of a court order invade, ransack and eventually cordon off the Monitor publications (scene of crime!!!) in a frantic search for some ”treasonable document” and issue a stern caution to all media houses never to mention the General’s name.

20 months later he sneaks back to the country in the wee hours and warmly embraced by security operatives.

Your government not only declares him innocent but General Elly Tumwine warns the media not to sensationalise the matter.

Your Excellence am not suggesting that you harangue and humiliate my brother Gen. Sejusa(it’s my pleasure to welcome him back to his ancestral home) but only wondering whether he has apologised to you; and whether this is the Rule of law for which Ugandans painstakingly sacrificed their irretrievable blood!!!!”

3 thoughts on “Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago Writes To President Museveni About Gen.Sejusa

  1. I agree with Lukwago. Sejusa wrote a public letter and pointed out those things that the Museveni`s government must investigate. While in London , Sejusa continued to reveal more details . His problem is not a personal thing between him and Museveni`s family. It is a State matter that should and must be discussed publically.

  2. The issues of the gen.sejjusa is so technical and unbelievable so the lord mayer may be true the issue must be in public

  3. Kaz I think you are the one showing off. Focus on the the content of the letter, you understood it just like we did what’s your problem.are you trying to demonstrate to us that you know a lot of english? no no no no no your argument is very very shallow.just listen to yourself

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