Mayiga Refuses To Call Off Etofaali Project

Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom says he will not stop fundraising for Buganda Kingdom despite emerging voices within Buganda calling for the end of the project.

Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom
Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom

Since last year, Katikiro Mayiga has been carrying out national and international fundraising tours for reconstruction of burnt Kasubi tombs, renovation of Buganda Kingdom seat at Bulange and completion of a commercial building called Muganziwazza.

On February 14th this year, Mayiga collected 350milion shillings from greater Masaka region towards reconstruction of Kasubi tombs.

But on Monday, Mayiga returned to greater Masaka region, for another round of fundraising drive amid calls to end the project.

On Tuesday evening while Mayiga was touring  Kitanda sub county in Bukomansimbi over Buganda Reconstruction drive,  some residents led by Moses Ntege shouted to Mayiga asking him to end the project immediately.

Ntege, who later ran away after security operatives attempted to arrest him explained that Katikiro had become a chief beggar something that is embarrassing Buganda Kingdom. Ntege is one of the few bold Buganda loyalists who has spoken out publicly against the project.

However, the visibly angry Katikiro responded by accusing Ntege and those with similiar sentiments of being anti-Buganda drunkards. Mayiga however said he would not bow to pressure calling him to end the project saying it was authorized by Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi.

Mayiga explained that in Butenga, some residents also accused him of collecting money from them to take to the Kabaka who is a rich tycoon. He however explained that although Kabaka is rich, they need to give him money to sustain and enhance his wealth.

Mayiga, who was speaking in Luganda said Buganda had many projects that need funding and they expect the funding from Kabaka’s subjects.

Mayiga, who got over 100million shillings from Lwengo and Bukomansimbi district, also said they want to use the money to renovate all the other Kingdom tombs around Buganda and set up other income generating activities for the Kingdom.

Yiga Barilonda, a resident of Bukomansimbi who donated 11million shillings asked the Katikiro to go ahead with the project since it aims at enhancing prosperity of Buganda Kingdom.

MP Susan Namaganda, the Bukomansimbi District Woman MP commended the Katikiro for using the fundraising drive to reach several areas of the Kingdom. She said Mayiga’s tours have rejuvenated the past glory of Katikiro’s status.

MP Namaganda also said they have no problem with Prime Minister Mayiga fundraising for the Kingdom provided the money already has projects to fund.

6 thoughts on “Mayiga Refuses To Call Off Etofaali Project

  1. Where is URA,
    These guys should start paying taxes. Please tax this money. U are being unfair to Uganda. These guys are earning tax free money.

  2. ohhhhhhhh !!! ” He however explained that although Kabaka is rich, they need to give him money to sustain and enhance his wealth”

  3. “Buganda has many projects that needed funding”……you are 1,000,000,000% my big brother!!!!!!!1…..

    For the sake of Buganda kingdom,…….very kindly and Sincerely…..I humbly request that you please continue the good job u ar doing…for the sake of your Kingdom!….

    It is through sweat….and hard work….that Buganda will achieve what is lost 50 years ago!!!……do you still remember our motto…..FOR GREATER HORIZONS???….

    .The king advises his subjects to raise funds for Buganda’s advancement…”in any way possible”….as long as its not theft!!!!….do you know what i mean?????…..May god Bless U !!!

  4. Hmmm, I will tread carefully but truth be told, this kingdom is rich and should afford to take care of itself. That said, am happy for them to collect funds for technical colleges and other wealth creating projects which they actually do a lot of but don’t get enough air time for from the media. But back to the key issue at hand, call me uncouth, radarless or a traitor, am not buying this BS about building shrines for dead people. Seriously what is wrong with us Baganda, for example donating 11 million to a rich person to construct or beautify a grave is bordering on insanity. I can guarantee you, if that person used that money to take care of all the sick and infirm in his community or at our beloved Mulago, am sure he will die a content man. I seriously can’t get my head around crap regarding this showmanship when we have our own people starving, unemployed and dying from issues we can address we as Ugandans or Baganda, without a handout from overseas. And yes, I know that is supposed to be the job of the government, but come to think about it, if the Kabaka wants to be a champion of the people in his territory, then he ought to address issues affecting the living and not the dead; I reckon that in bible terms (tongue in cheek) is Christianity 101 which he professes to follow. Anyway enough for now, but boy am I happy I got that off my chest.

  5. Better leave Buganda Kingdom alone..You can do other things..Katikiro does not force ..if government want to STOP us from giving entafali, we shall take it to Bulage by foot..Mutuveeko bantu mwe mwe!

  6. “He however explained that although Kabaka is rich, they need to give him money to sustain and enhance his wealth.”

    What were his own exact words in Luganda? Give us the original Luganda version, we shall do our own interpretation.

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