Musician Panadol Wa’ Basajja Released On Bail

After spending one month on remand at Luzira prison over alleged promotion of pornography in her song, local musician Jemimah Kansiime a.k.a Panadol Wa’ Basajja has this morning been released on bail.

Panadol Wabasajja in court today
Panadol Wabasajja in court today

Makindye Chief Magistrate Richard Mafabi released Panadol on a non cash bail of Shs1m.

Her two sureties were each bonded at a non cash bond of Shs2m and she was ordered to report back to court on January 29 next year for mention of her case.

The 20-year old musician is facing charges of promoting pornography in her new song ‘Nkulinze’ loosely translated as ‘I am waiting for you’; contrary to the new law of the Anti Pornography Act, 2014.

Kansiime was first remanded to Luzira prison on October 30 when she denied the charge on her maiden court appearance.

On November 13, she re-appeared in court and further denied the charge.

But court could not release her on bail then as she didn’t have sureties to stand in for her; forcing the Magistrate to push her bail application to today.

Initially, Ms Kansiime was jointly charged with fellow musician March Didi Muchwa Mugisha on October 30 before the same court.

However, Mugisha voluntarily pleaded guilty on his maiden court appearance and was sentenced to a fine of Shs200,000 or in default be jailed for a period of one year.

He opted to pay the fine and regained his freedom.

He became the first convict and victim of the Anti pornography law that was passed a year ago.

Prosecution alleges that during the year 2014 in Kampala, the local musician willfully and unlawfully produced, trafficked in, imported, exported, sold and abetted pornography in her song.

The Anti porngraphy law was passed by Parliament in December last year.

The law outlaws anything that shows sexual parts of a person such as breasts, thighs, buttocks or any erotic behavior and was passed into law in December last year.

The offense attracts a penalty ranging from zero currency points to five hundred currency points or up to a maximum jail sentence of ten years.

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  1. This is a draconian law which should be scrapped. How are they going to charge Niki Minaj for her music played on our networks with erotic behaviour or Sharon Stone for Basic Instinct. They will charge a woman for showing a little thigh but won’t charge a man for being bare chested. This law oppresses women and should be scrapped

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