NBS TV Presenter Netted For Giving Bonking Lectures

Justine Nantume, a TV host at the Kiira Road based NBS TV is in police custody after she was nabbed over the release of a video clip that had bonking lessons which contradicts the recently passed anti-pornography bill.

Justine Nantume
Justine Nantume

She was arrested by Kibuli Police officers after being tipped off that the local singer and TV host had released a Video Clip teaching women how to visit the bush and pull their twinnies.

Rumour has it that another female radio host, Omulongo Babirye is also being hunted by police since she was also one of the Lecturers in the shot Video.

In the video, the self proclaimed marriage councilors are seen giving clues and instructions on how to pull the honey pots as coined from the twinnie ambassador, Desire Luzinda.

Recently, Justine Nantume was pictured being autographed on the boob by local comedian MC Kapale.

MC Kapale autographing Nantume's boob
MC Kapale autographing Nantume’s boob

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