NRM Officials Protest Their Exclusion From List of Delegates

 A group of NRM leaders in Bukomansimbi are protesting their exclusion from the list of delegates to attend the forthcoming National Delegate’s conference.  

Iddi Kisiki Lubyayi with some of the excluded NRM leaders in Bukomansimbi.
Iddi Kisiki Lubyayi with some of the excluded NRM leaders in Bukomansimbi.

On 15th December, NRM delegates from various parts of the country are expected to converge at Namboole stadium to elect their national party officials.

However, in Bukomansimbi some of the party officials say they were left out in the recent registration of delegates conducted by Mukasa Kityo, the Resident District Commissioner and District Internal Security Officer Ssemuli Ssebugwawo.

Some of those registered for the conference include youths, entrepreneurship league, women league officials and representative of Persons With Disabilities.

Hajj Iddi Kisiki Lubyaayi, the Bukomansimbi District NRM chairperson claims that, majority of the delegates were tactfully left out. He claims that Mukasa and Ssebugwawo excluded the delegates because they are opposed to Maurice Peter Kagimu,

Uganda’s Ambassador to Nigeria. Lubyaayi has asked President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM party chairperson to resolve this issue before December 15th saying it would have far reaching political consequences.

But some of the delegates claim that, they were excluded on suspicion that they are Mbabazi’s supporters. Joseph Kakooza, the Bigasa sub county NRM youth league chairperson.

Kakooza says that he was left out because he is not good terms with Maurice Peter Kagimu Kiwanuka and President Yoweri Museveni. According to Kakooza, he is accused of being a staunch supporter of Amama Mbabazi, the former prime minister.

Mbabazi is largely believed to be nursing presidential ambitions, despite the fact that he has openly denied the claims. Kakooza says he has petitioned NRM Secretariat protesting against his exclusion from the list of the delegate saying he participated in previous conferences.

Rose Nakalawa accuses the RDC of forging the list of NRM delegates and wants the party secretariat to investigate the people presented on the list saying majority are fake.

But Mukasa Kityo, the Bukomansimbi RDC and DISO Ssemuli Ssebugwawo deny excluding any delegates. They explained to URN on phone that those complained to have been left out are party supporters and not eligible delegates.

Mukasa Kityo explains that they had left out one person Andrew Mutebi, the Butenga NRM Youths Chairperson because he didn’t submit his photos. Kityo explains that the list of the delegates has been submitted to the party secretariat for verification.

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