Radio & Weasel Move To Higher Level

Word coming our way from snoops has it that the sensational East Africa’s finest singing duo Mozey Radio and Weasel are taking their game to a higher level.


We have learnt that the two musicians have started upgrading themselves by embracing a new social status regarding their welfare when it comes to travelling and accommodation.

We have established that they have forced the UK based popular promoter Alim Mosh of ‘Exposed Entertainment’ to book for them business class tickets during their travel to the UK next week, for their forthcoming ‘Neera Neera UK’ concert slated for January  3rd , 2015 at Barking Road based Boleyn Banqueting Suite, in London.

Sources reveal that the singers claimed that they have been having tight music schedules during the Christmas season, whereby they can longer tolerate economy class.

As if to prove that they are more serious than ever, the duo forced Mosh to book for them with British Airways for a direct flight to Heathrow, because they hate shifting from one plane to another during travelling, which they say is very hectic, since connection flights disturb them a lot.

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