Same Old Story Nantumbwe Out! Will Uganda Ever Win BBA

What do you make of Uganda’s chances of ever winning the $300,000 (a cool 830 million Ugandan shillings) jackpot?

Just like the previous years, Uganda is again officially out of Big Brother Hotshots following last night’s evictions that didn’t spare leg-bender Ellah. She follows partner Esther (evicted early into the game – second week).


Save for BBA1 and 2 where Gaetano Kagwa and Maureen Namatovu both finished in 4th place, the rest have been lukeworm and maybe the fact that our voting block is minimal as compared to other countries, probably Kyle Duncan Kushaba who finished in 5th place during BBA7 had a realistic chance.

Anyway, that is Big Brother Africa for you, a show that arouses mixed feelings, but no-doubt Africa’s most popular reality television show, a show we love to hate.

As they cosy up to one another, make up, break up, fight, backstab one another and compete in assigned weekly tasks and mind games, all of Africa is watching.

But while we all get lost in the babble Big Brother has created over the years, a critical look at it, especially a look at the complacency the show has picked up over the years, reveals cracks that, if not sealed, would crumble the concept bit by bit. The question remains how are Ugandan housemates chosen?

Eventually, there would not be much to write home about Big Brother Africa. Not that we send the best.

Ellah was close but the last nail in her coffin was her bad romance with Tanzania’s Idris but after using her he told Ellah that he did not wish to pursue a relationship with her at all that left her devastated.

She was a victim of HoH Macky2‘s decision in the diary room on Monday evening and thus the competition from the likes of Tayo, JJ, Idris and Sipe who survived tonight seem to have been stiff for her.

During her eviction interview with IK, Ellah joked that she wanted to punch Macky2 but said that he’s proud of him for making such a bold move. She said that Nhlanhla is likely to win the money.

The eight finalists in the run for the top prize are; Idris, Butterphly, Mam’ Bea, Tayo, Sipe, JJ, Nhlanhla and Macky2.

According to last week’s numbers Ellah, Goitse, Sheillah and Trezagah received the least number of votes.

Ellah: Uganda

Goitse: Botswana

Idris: Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania

JJ: Zimbabwe

Sheillah: South Africa

Sipe: Malawi, Zambia

Tayo: Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Rwanda

Trezagah: Mozambique

Five housemates were tied on one country vote each. The tie-breaker rules therefore apply and the four contestants with the lowest percentage vote for all countries were evicted.

By the way, here are my reasons as to why Uganda will NEVER win Big Brother Africa.

  1. The auditions are not legitimate. They are stage managed. If you don’t have ‘connections’ at Multi-Choice, you will never make it to that house.
  2. We normally send dumb representatives like Sharon O, who cannot play the mind games in the biggie house. How then do you expect Uganda to bag the $300,000 with ‘slow’ representatives?
  3. The artistes, actors, and socialites that end up in the house live a lie in real life, it’s hard for them to keep up with the reality in the house.
  4. A good number of Ugandans do not subscribe to DSTV. Few Ugandans watch the show so it is hard for them to keep up and vote for their fellow Ugandan representative.
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