Soroti Hospital Charges Patients for Using Toilets

Patients at Soroti Regional referral hospital and their attendants have to folk out UGX 200 to use the newly built toilets at the outpatient department. However, no receipt is issued for the money paid.

soroti toilet

62-year-old Immaculate Anyodi, a resident of Usuk in Katakwi district said that at the hospital that they pay UGX 200 each time they visit the toilet. He says the decision to charge patients for using the toilet, caught many of them by surprise.

Stella Aguti, an expectant mother from Gweri who was visiting the Antenatal clinic on Friday last week, wondered why they are being charged for using the toilet in a government facility.

Denis Okiror a patient who was referred from Kateta in serere to Soroti  for treated said that he was so disturbed because both him  and his son were charged 400 shillings. He lamented saying that how do they charge even young children for a short call.

Our reporter found 70-year-old Joyce Akello, a resident of Kichinjaji ward in Northern Division pleading with the attendant to allow her access the toilet because she only had UGX 100 shillings in vain.

A medical worker who spoke to our reporters on condition of anonymity said the money collected is used to clean and pay the toilet attendant.

The staff also disclosed that, the hospital administrator are divided into, with some in favor of patients paying for using the toilets, while others are out rightly opposed to the idea saying it is the responsibility of the hospital to pay its workers.

URN approached Joshua Pande, the Human Resource Officer Soroti Regional referral hospital but he declined to comment on the matter and instead referred our reporter to the in charge of the outpatient department.

Dr. Emmanuel Batibwe, the Director Soroti Regional referral hospital and principal administrator Thomson Obong also declined to comment on the matter.

All services at government health facilities are meant to be free unless patients choose to use the private wing.

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