Top NRM Official Ignores Court Summons, Faces Arrest

The Magistrate’s Court in Luweero has issued warrant of arrest against Luweero LC 5 Chairman for engaging in mob justice leading to loss of property.

NRM Vice Chairman in charge of the Central Region, Al-Hajji Abdul Nadduli
NRM Vice Chairman in charge of the Central Region, Al-Hajji Abdul Nadduli

Abdul Nadduli the Luweero LC 5 Chairman is jointly wanted with six residents of Kayonza village in Butuntumula Sub County in Luweero.

The co accused are Fred Ssenabulya Rumanyika, Geoffrey Mutesasira, Christopher Ddamulira, Sarah Nabwato among others.

According to warrant of arrest issued by Luweero Grade One Magistrate Harriet Namata dated 19th November, 2014, Nadduli must be presented in court on Friday 12th December 2014 this week to answer charges of malicious damage to property.

Nadduli is supposed to appear before Luweero Grade one magistrate Evelyn Komugisha Setrina according to case list released this week.Court issued warrant of arrest after he skipped court summons for three times.

According to charge sheet,Nadduli is accused of inciting the residents to demolish a shrine belonging to a witchdoctor Vincent Mukasa of Kayonza village on 6th March 2014.

It is alleged the residents were protesting construction of a shrine by Mukasa accusing him of possessing evil spirits that were destabilizing the village.

Vincent Mukasa said that on fateful day, Nadduli assaulted him and he subsequently suffers backache and chest pain.

He insist that he followed procedures that include notifying local authorities and traditional healers on his plans to build a shrine but was surprised when Nadduli tried to stop him.

Mukasa further claims that he has faced intimidation from Luweero police urging him to drop his case against Nadduli. Mukasa says he wants six million shillings compensation for the property destroyed.

Abdul Nadduli, the Luweero LC 5 chairman, says that he won’t appear in court on Friday until Director of Public Prosecutions responds to his complaint where he argued that the case is defective.

The Savannah Regional Police Commander Musa Nabenda couldn’t deny or admit receiving the warrant of arrest but says that he won’t implement it because it was unnecessary.

Nabende explains that Nadduli is always around his office and leader who respects the law and thinks earlier court summons were not reaching him.

He adds that he was planning to engage the plaintiff and defendants to ensure the case is settled.

However residents in Luweero accuse police of failing to arrest and prosecute Nadduli which has encouraged him to become a chronic law breaker. In May 2012, Nadduli assaulted Stephen Ssekamate an accountant with Kampala University.

In March, 2014 Nadduli admitted to deploying seven Reserve Force soldiers and his personal guard at Kampala University because of a land row between him and Vice chancellor Professor Badru Kateregga.

Nadduli is also accused of attempting to beat Luweero Deputy Resident Commissioner Persis Namuganza and Brenda Nabukenya the Luweero woman MP among other crimes but has never been successfully tried in courts despite the overwhelming evidence over what police say they prefer to leave him in peace.

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  1. Interesting why a witch doctor goes to court. I thought they are above anything petty; they cure all diseases including backache from assault; they can vent their revenge remotely…. But for sure I hate naduli with passion. That is even why I spell his name all in small letters.

  2. Excuse me…my boss Naduli is a Demi god…and whoever dares him, is doomed to perdition.

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