Zari Sextape: My Ex Lover Leaked It

Zari has today morning  blamed her ex lover for leaking the sextape.


“Life goes exs gotta stay exs and stop doing things for renege,” Zari tweeted shortly after The Red Pepper published pictures of her sextape.

For exclusive pictures and a clear description of how Zari moans in bed, Please hurry and Grab Red Pepper copies of Friday and Saturday from the nearest vendor.

3 thoughts on “Zari Sextape: My Ex Lover Leaked It

  1. Seriously guys, who cares about this old washed up promiscuous Zaitun? She is pretentious about her roots. She came from a very humble beginning but refuses to acknowledge it. All her shortcomings are a result of her greed, denial, and lack of maturity.

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