180 Widows of UPDF Soldiers Miss Out on Pension

More than 150 widows of fallen UPDF soldiers in Gulu are struggling to survive after going for the past six months without getting pension of their late husbands. 

The Widows some of who have been getting Pension since 2006 say they have not received the pension money since August last year.

Hellen Acen says that her husband the late Bosco Komakech service number 102945 left her with two children after serving the army for 11 years.

Acen explains that she was getting Ush 330,000 each month as pension but the money stopped coming in August under unclear circumstances.

She says her two children are now stuck at home due to lack of tuition fees yet the army has not offered them any explanation.

Betty Acayo Onek, another widow says that her husband Denis Onek died in 2003. She says government pledged to pay school fees for her children but the money was stopped in 2010.

Acayo says she is finding it difficult to pay school fees and also provide food for her children.

Lucy Mangwi, the widow of the late Sergeant Vincent Mangwi says they struggled for years to get letters of administration and link up with Public service to process the pension but they have now been dumped by government. She says some widows are getting paid but they don’t why some of them are being left out.

Mangwi says that her bank is threatening to sell her land because she borrowed a loan to clear the tuition fees with hopes of using the pension money to clear it.

Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF spokesperson says the complaints of pension can easily be resolved by zonal pension office and state attorney.

She advises the affected widows to fill in new pension forms for verification.

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