3 Arrested for Stealing Govt Drugs

Three people suspected for stealing government drugs and selling them to neighboring countries have been arrested by the police in Kampala.


The three, Ruisagara John, Ntale Sunday and Nyiringimana Jean Pierre are currently detained at the central police station, Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson says.

They were arrested with loads of Lumaterm and Coartem tablets, used in the treatment of Malaria. Also found in their possession were cannulas.

Onyango explains that the trio was arrested after Police broke into a syndicate of persons that steal medicines supplied by the government of Uganda to its various health centers and hospitals.

The group comprises medical personnel and staff in some health facilities who collude with civilian businessmen at William Street, Kampala to sell and export the medicines and other medical equipment to neighboring countries.

Such thefts are preventing millions of Ugandans from accessing treatment of preventable diseases like malaria which kills at least 100,000 people annually.

According to statistics by the ministry of Health, of the 1,000 children born in Uganda, 99 are killed by malaria before their fifth birthday.

One of the suspects; Ruisagara John has admitted that for a long time he has been dealing in government drugs. According to Onyango, Ruisagara has given Police valuable information that will be helpful in breaking the entire racket.

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