8 Sex Resolutions You Should Stick To In 2015

The New Year is just here, and you’re going nuts thinking about how to stick to the resolutions that you’d vowed to keep in 2014, and had planned in 2013, and had never done in 2012 and so on and so forth.


While the enthusiasm to stick to a resolution fizzles out pretty much by the end of the first week of January, there are certain areas where you need to make sure you continue with the self-promises.

If you’ve thought of spicing up your sex life in 2015, here are a few resolutions you should stick to.

As you see your life between the sheets take off, just ensure that you keep it that way right till the end of the year, and not lose interest, come mid-January.

Check out these sex resolutions that will amp up your life for sure!

Kiss, kiss, kiss!

Some hot, wild sex is never for real unless you’re really good while kissing. Don’t go the Julia Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman way and not kiss on the mouth; instead, make sure you steam things up with a kiss first and then take the story to bed.

Jazz up the inside story

If you are scared of turning down a let’s-have-sex proposal because you are a bit wary of letting the person you’re having sex with see your underwear, it’s time you took the Bridget Jones out of your life.

Invest in some good, sexy lingerie. And no, don’t just go strutting about your amazing innerwear only on days you assume that you might be having sex, wear them on other days too.

You never know when you might need to act on an impulse. And if something of the sort happens to happen, you’d not want to be caught in smelly, old, torn underwear, no?

Say bye to the prude

If you want to have sex, don’t keep your tongue glued to your palate. Speak up. Shed all those inhibitions of ‘whether he’ll like me asking to have sex’ and say it.

Unless a man is really not into you – even then, to be honest – he will never refuse sex. So, if you’ve spent a lot of time all these years, wondering if it is right to tell your guy that you want to have sex, drop the worry.

Bid a nice, long goodbye to your prudish doppelganger this year.

Don’t fake it

There are times when you come really well, and there are times you don’t. Stop thinking about whether or not you’ll hurt him if you tell him the truth – that you didn’t reach an orgasm.

It sure is okay to fake it once in a while – if you’re feeling really good about having him inside you – but don’t make a habit of it. Make sure you let him know if you didn’t reach a Big O sometime.

Keep condoms around

If you’re thinking of bringing the guy back to your apartment, and if it is really late and he’s not carrying any protection along, maybe you could surprise him by taking out some from your own goodies’ drawer.

Since you’re not an asexual being, in all likelihood, it is not really unacceptable to keep a pack – or more – of condoms around.

Saves a lot of time and energy.

And gives out the impression that you’re aware of the benefits of condoms.

Also, condoms come in packs that can be easily carried, even if you have to step out of the house and end up having sex somewhere else.

A good move, carrying them, any which way. You have nothing to lose.

Don’t not have sex if you don’t have waxed legs

It’s time you got over your fixation with having-sex-only-when-I’ve-got-my-body-waxed, if you happen to have one.

No guy, in their right mind, would say that they don’t want to have sex with you because your underarms seem to appear a bit fuzzy.

No, men don’t think about such things when they are in the mood for the act. And it’s high time you too gave up those worries for good.

If you give head, you should get head

Yes, if you have the generosity to go down on him, he should return the favour. If he says that he’s not very ‘comfortable’ with giving head, but really happy while getting head, lady, do NOT treat him to it – unless you really want to. Make it a quid pro quo arrangement – there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel like heaven when he does.

Graze on greener pastures

If you’re somewhat wary of trying someone new in bed, make sure 2015 is the year you bid goodbye to such worries. Yes, you might have been really comfortable having sex with your ex, but consider this:

If you’d not have done it with him for the first time, how would you have reached the comfort level that you now miss? You need to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with greener pastures.

Yes, go ahead and have sex with someone new, if you feel up for it. And there’s actually no reason why you shouldn’t feel up for it.

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