Bebe Crawls Back To Local Media

Singer Moses Ssali famously known as Bebe Cool attempted a move bigger than his career when he tried to have his latest video premiered on International TV stations.

Some of the scenes in Bebe Cool's Video
Some of the scenes in Bebe Cool’s Video

When submitted, management of International TV stations reportedly got no satisfaction in the quality of the material thereby denying it airplay.

After being trashed, Bebe came back crawling to local stations and the popular video platform You tube where he premiered his latest video ‘Everywhere I go’.

However after the video was viewed by his fans, it received alot of negative feedback as many people did not watch what they expected.


Several of them were overheard ranting that even local video producers can shoot and edit such a video or even better than that.

Everywhere I go is a reggae song written by A Pass and sang by Bebe Cool off his upcoming Album Go Mama.

The most criticized video was shot in South Africa by God Father productions.

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