Blacks Thrown Out Of Club Cyclone

On Sunday night, there was confusion at the Kabalagala based club cyclone after all black people were asked to match out of the night club.

Guests get jiggy at the Club Cyclone VIP media launch last weekend
Guests get jiggy at the Club Cyclone VIP media launch (File Photo)

According to highly placed sources, entry was granted to everyone who approached the door but later in the night all Africans were thrown out.

The management on throwing them out claimed that it was an Indian theme night which only required Indians inside the club.

However the people who were at the club intimated to red pepper that there was no prior communication whatsoever on the night, but were surprised when asked to leave.

There was confusion at the scene as African revelers were protesting the discrimination and miscommunication from the club.

Snoops have also revealed that the Cyclone honcho is an Indian and this could be the reason for the Sunday turmoil.

Club cyclone is a new nightspot which is housed by the famous Tirupati Mazima mall in Kabalagala a Kampala suburb.

Party animals have described this act as racism.

When contacted, Cyclone Brand Manager Ivan Heiton Kimera confirmed the incident and revealed that they were following orders from above so he has no clear explanation to why all the blacks were thrown out of the club.

Recently, Most blacks slapped a ban on acacia based bubbles for being racists

17 thoughts on “Blacks Thrown Out Of Club Cyclone

  1. Just tell them you will resurrect Idi Amin on them. On a serious note, the next time they try this just refuse. It is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. If they are having a private party, u can respect that but throwing out pple coz they are black in their own country, that should never happen.

    1. I am totally lost for words! Can such a thing happen in our current Uganda that we call our home. The other time they wanted a representative to parliament – so hw will they sit with the blacks??

      1. It’s possible our politicians are in their pockets thanks to corruption. That’s why they feel they can get away with anything.

  2. Should this be allowed to happen in Uganda? Just raze the club to the ground. This is where violence can be justified to guard the Independence of our country Uganda.

  3. ..And it’s only in Uganda where we still tolerate “racist” behaviours of these Asians and our current government looks the other way

  4. Wake up Uganda… Uganda is for Ugandans! Blacks thrown out of a bar in Uganda!!!! Is Uganda in India????!!!!! Or have you Ugandans tried throwing out Indians from a bar in Bombay????!!!!

  5. We can also do the same by isolating that club and pushing them into a corner, his is not India. That games have ben happening to so many clubs but they have been made to fall to their knees and closed.

  6. Haven’t been to this club before, and for this reason will never step there…..How dare they in our own country??? mstweeeeh.
    Dear Ugandans if you have not been to this club, please avoid it like a bad disease after all its no like there is a shortage of clubs……

  7. Idd amin will soon come to take over that seation from those idians.there is no place for rasism in Ugandan sociaty.

  8. hehehe why not inform them in time but i don’t think there is aproblem just like how african nights every one is invited they shld have allowed is those pple didn’t want blacks let them go back to india coz this is black land ” stupid order frm the above”

  9. Dear fellow ugandans this is not right we must do some thing this reminds me of Iddi Amins action againest the this Asians

  10. Be informed that its now tyme for us to unite and demonstrate about this.These are the people who take us to Dubai and enslave us and our ladies are used as sexual workers.

  11. We have to inform ourselves about our culture, our history why our Brothers and sisters were taken as slaves and how they suffered, why Muhammad Khalid said kill all Whites, why all over a sudden Mahatma Ghandi was denouncing apatheid(yet he participated in it before) Why micheal Jackson sung “they dont care about us” why the black panther was formed, why Mugabe gave back land to our People, Why thomas sankara told his fellow african leaders not to pay the debt imposed on us and later he was murdered, why Mulumba was murdered, the reason why Gadafis life was in Danger, why the Saudi Arabian countries are not sanctioned even when they behead humans, why israelies are same White People kill and murder but still they are supported by the west, why Obama never visited Kenya until today, Why the MP of Belgium Laurent Louis told his People in parliament “fuck you all”, why Syria is a war Zone now, how Indians landed on mother africa, Why we do not know People like George Jackson, why is it that our Brothers and sisters are not recieving reparations in America, why Haiti is in this condition, and most of all WHY THE BLACK HOLOCAUST IS THE WORST CRIME COMMITED ON US BUT NO ONE PAYS ANY ATTENTION TO IT? Yes such question will make our children and all of us to wake up and see the real enemy within us, trying to make conflicts between us and be empowered with so much knowledge to PREVENT SUCH INDIAN CLUBS IN OUR COUNTRY. Bless Africa, black power

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