Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom On Verge Of Collapse Over Property Wars

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and Kahoora Division in Hoima municipality are feuding over restituted properties.

Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru
Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru

The kingdom is claiming the land and buildings housing the division offices in Busiisi village saying it are among the restituted assets.

The division offices are located on a two acre piece of land. The dispute started in July 2014, when the kingdom wrote to Kahoora Division authorities accusing them of using the kingdom properties without permission.

In the July 2, 2014 letter, addressed to the town clerk Kahoora division, Raphael Eribankya, the Bunyoro works minister directed the division leadership to sign a memorandum of understanding with the kingdom, or else they will be considered trespassers on kingdom property.

The Division authorities are yet to respond to the demands, which prompted the kingdom to fence off part of the land without the knowledge of the authorities.

Our reporters have established that, the land was fenced off during the Christmas and New Year holidays when the division workers were off duty.

Fredrick Alibankoha, the Kahoora Division LC III Chairperson says they need clarification from government on the matter.

Alibankoha maintains that as far as he is concerned, the land on which the division offices are located belongs to government and unless government notifies them otherwise, they will not bow to the kingdom demands.

Blasio Mugasa, the deputy prime minister Bunyoro Kingdom and lands minister neither denies nor confirm the fact that the kingdom fenced off part of the division land.

He however says that, all the kingdom wants is a memorandum of understanding with the squatters.

Mugasa adds that the kingdom has no plans of evicting the squatters. A debate on return of kingdom assets resurfaced last year after central government returned part of Buganda kingdom properties.

This led to a frenzy of demands as each cultural institution demanded for what belonged to them before 1967, when kingdoms were abolished.

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