CDF Asks Sejusa To Name Legal Team

The Chief of Defence forces General Katumba Wamala has asked renegade General David Sejusa to officially communicate to the army who his official lawyers are.

Uganda's Chief of Defence forces Gen. Katumba Wamala
Uganda’s Chief of Defence forces Gen. Katumba Wamala

The development comes in light of the military confinement that has been placed on Sejusa at his Naguru Home.

In a message delivered to Sejusa by the Commander of Land Forces Major General David Muhoozi, Katumba Wamala stated that the army needs to ascertain an official legal team through which it can share information regarding the status of their client General David Sejusa.

Sejusa has four identified lawyers; Joseph Luzige, Tushabe Davis, Michael Mabikke and Ladislaus Rwakafuzi-who confirmed the development saying that his client (Sejusa), had informed him of the same.

General Katumba Wamala said he was uncomfortable communicating with persons unfamiliar to him.

He says he has not yet received a letter from Sejusa appointing them as his lawyers and as such cannot share with them information regarding the status of the renegade general.

When asked on whether the army was going to arrest and charge Sejusa, General Wamala said “We’ll cross that Bridge when we get there.”

The army this morning deployed military police soldiers at Sejusa’s home and placed him under military confinement.

Under the UPDF Act, a serving army officer can be placed under confinement under what is referred to as ‘service custody.’

It is normally applied when a soldier is believed to have committed a crime or if he/she is believed to be a threat to national security. Previously, Brigadier Henry Tumukunde has been placed under service custody after making political statements for which he faced a lengthy trial. He was later exonerated.

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