Chameleone’s DJs flex muscles at New Year Party

As people were ushering in the New Year, some were planning on how to disorganise other people’s jaws before the year ends.

Nince Henry being taken off stage
Nince Henry being taken off stage

Official DJs of singer Jose Chameleone were caught in the middle of a fracas and ended up exchanging blows at an event held last night at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

The confusion came about when Leone Island DJs switched off the music, because it was just a few minutes to midnight and they wanted Chameleone on stage at the prime hour.

This was done at a time when Nince Henry was in the middle of a performance which pissed off his DJ thus exchanging blows.

It took police to restore order at the event after blows fell on people’s jaws like rain.

All this happened at a show dubbed ‘two year dance party’ held at Sheraton Kampala as people eagerly awaited the New Year.

There was performances from all major entertainers in Uganda including, Sheebah, Chameleone, Bebe cool, among others.

The event that had sparks of fireworks in the skies was sponsored by Pepsi, and Uganda Waragi.

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