Government to Pay University Professors UGX 15M

Professors at Public Universities will soon have their pay increased to fifteen million shillings from about four million shillings.

Education and sports, Jessica Alupo while installing  new Gulu University Chancellor Professor Frederic Ian Bantubano Kayanja the proposed increment is expected to kick off from the next financial year.
She said other Lecturers at the Universities would have they par scaled up according to their seniority.

She said government is developing a comprehensive salary structure for public Universities  under the hospices of the presidential advisory committee chaired by the prime minister.

She said the proposed increments are aimed at motivating  lecturers at various levels so that they concentrate on their work and engage in research.

Currently a science professor in Public University earns about four million shillings while  arts professor earns at least about 3.5 million shillings.

Jack Nyeko Pen-Mogi the vice chancellor of Gulu University says that professors are the highest educated people in the country but been under paid.

He explained that young people taught by professors end up with better pay when they  join different government departments  or statutory authorities in the country.

Walter Okot, the General secretary Gulu University Academic staff Association (GUASA) says that the salary increment could stop brain drain. Many Ugandan Professors have been seeking employment from Universities out of Uganda because of low pay.

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