Intrigue, Dishonesty Splits Inter-Party Coalition

A disagreement has erupted between opposition leaders in Luweero district over alleged intrigue and dishonesty.

File Photo; National and District Opposition leaders during nomination of Brenda Nabukenya at Luweero Council Hall
File Photo; National and District Opposition leaders during nomination of Brenda Nabukenya at Luweero Council Hall


The bitter row pits the Democratic Party against the other opposition parties, a development which threatens the future of the inter-party coalition-IPC ahead of the next general election in 2016.

Luweero district opposition party Chairpersons Bwanika Bbaale of FDC, Albert Kamya of UPC, Samuel Ssewanyana of Uganda Federal Alliance and Muzamiru Kisekka of JEEMA have unanimously passed resolution to cut ties with Democratic Party leadership.

The conflicts stem from failure to agree on joint candidates for the LC 5 Chairman’s seat and Lower Local council seats.

Charles Tukamushaba, the Luweero district Vice chairperson for FDC explains that during the May 2014 by-election for Luweero Woman Member of Parliament, they unanimously resolved to support DP’s Brenda Nabukenya as a joint candidate on condition that DP will not field candidates on selected seats in 2016.

Tukamushaba adds that back then Bwanika Bbaale who had vested interest in the seat was endorsed as the joint candidate for the LC 5 seat.

However despite the agreement, DP Chairman Erasto Kibirango and Charles Ssebyala embarked on vigorous campaigns to reclaim the same seat.

He adds that the aspirants are using foul language and blackmail against Bwanika Bbaale and other candidates.

Muzamiru Kisekka, the district chairperson for JEEMA says that DP’s failure to uphold a spirit of association and teamwork clearly shows that the principles of Truth and Justice no longer exist in the party.

Albert Kamya, the District Chairperson for Uganda People’s Congress says that they have been engaging DP leaders in dialogue to uphold Inter Party cooperation but they have been showing double standards.

Kamya says that they have agreed to also field candidates against Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya, who is also accused of plotting betrayal.

Opposition Supporters lead by Geoffrey Kaddu have supported the resolution saying that Democratic Party wants to take other parties for a ride and seems not interested in political cooperation.

Luweero Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya couldn’t be reached but the DP Chairperson for Luweero Erasto Kibirango distanced himself from the alleged agreement and accused the opposition leaders of ring fencing the LC 5 seat before consultation. He scoffs at the resolution saying the strength of the party lies within the voters.

A tentative road map issued by the Electoral commission shows that nomination of local government candidates and campaigns will start on September 18, 2015 and run up to March 12, 2016.

The elections for President, MPs, Special interest representative and local government leaders will be held from February 2016. Parties are set to hold Primaries from March-June 2015.

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