Katikkiro Peter Mayiga To Be Blocked From Visiting Nakasongola

The Buruuli Chiefdom has raised a protest to the planned visit by the Katikkiro (Prime minister) of Buganda Kingdom to the sub-region.


Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga is expected to visit several parishes in the district from February, 4th, 2015, to solicit funds for the reconstruction of key kingdom sites in a drive locally known as ‘Etofaali’.

However, a decision was taken over the weekend by leaders in Buruuli Chiefdom to block the visit, claiming that Mengo had failed to notify the Buruuli Chiefdom cultural leader Isabaruuli Mwogezi Butamanya, of the impending events to his territory.

Muhamadi Bagonza, the spokesperson of Buruuli Chiefdom said they unanimously endorsed the decision to block the visit because it contradicts Buganda’s commitment to respect the chiefdom.Bagonza also described the ‘Etofaali’ drive as exploitation of his subjects.

Buganda and Buruuli have been at loggerheads for decades now, with the latter preferring to pay its allegiance to Bunyoro Kingdom. The chiefdom which was originally part of Bunyoro was parceled to Buganda by the British as a reward for supporting the colonialists in the fight against the ‘stubborn entity.’  Buganda still considers Buruuli part of its territory.

Denis Muyomba, a member of Buruuli chiefdom steering committee says the planned visit is a provocation and disrespect from Mengo.  Muyomba adds that the resolution seeks to send a message to Mengo and the central government that Buruuli is tired of acts of aggression.

Local government leaders and residents have backed the resolution arguing that the cultural rights of Buruuli should be respected. James Wandira, the Nakasongola District Chairman accuses Mengo officials of referring to Buruuli chiefdom as a fake institution.

But Buganda Kingdom representative in Buruuli county Kimbugwe Gerald Kyanjo, insists that Mengo will not notify the Isabaruuli of the visit because under the Memorandum of Understanding, Central government permits the King of Buganda to travel as he wishes within his Kingdom.

Nakasongola District Police Commander Edward Kyaligonza says that they plan to engage the two parties to settle the matter in dialogue.

The visit, initially planned for December, 10, 2014 was postponed by Nakasongola Resident District Commissioner Swahib Lubega on grounds that it coincided with Buruuli Coronation anniversary.

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