King Lawrence Fears Zari

Though he pretends to be a social media beast, King Lawrence seems to get goose bumps whenever he takes on city man eater and Desert queen Zari Hassan.

King Lawrence pictured running away from Zari
King Lawrence pictured running away from Zari

He was photographed on Sunday looking scared and bashing away after he had an unexpected encounter with Zari in Pretoria, South Africa.

This proved that whatever Lawrence does on social media is from group pressure and the need to impress his followers since he attacks the socialite with no fear.

This comes after several social media wars that King Lawrence has instituted against Zari claiming that he explored her Kandahar first.

Zari also came out to spill secrets of her former husband Ivan Ssemwanga who she claimed has always had an affair with King Lawrence.

It should be noted that Zari seems to be taking up Lawrence’s advice of quitting bed hopping and concentrating on her kids since she was yesterday seen having a good time with family

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