Man Tries to Burn Down Family Home Over Land Wrangles

The police in Kakuuto Sub-county in Rakai district have arrested a businessman in connection with an acid attack on his family members.

Remains of house Bukenya burnt down in foreground of photo
Remains of house Bukenya burnt down in foreground of photo

The suspect has been identified as Anthony Bukenya (35), a solar and electronics dealer in Kakuuto town, and a resident of Kalivaliyo village.

It is said that Bukenya went to his father Emmanuel Mulengera’s home in the same village with intent to cause grievous harm with acid following a serious misunderstanding over family property.

The incident occurred on Tuesday around 11pm, as Mulengera (62) and other six members of the family retired for the night.

Apollo Byetegerize, the O.C Kakuuto Police Station, says that Bukenya took a small jerry can containing the deadly liquid and threw it in the house.

Bukenya was able to throw the jerry can into the house because the incomplete house does not have installed windows yet. Luckily, Mulengera and other occupants ran out of the house screaming for help.

Betegerize further adds that the jerry can fell on a mosquito net and but the liquid sprinkled on their bodies. He says that the mosquito, beddings and clothes were burnt.

After the failed attack, Mulengera called police to his home and urged them to lay a trap for Bukenya who he feared would return.

Indeed at around 1:40am, Bukenya returned to the scene with a jerry can of petrol and tried to burn down a smaller house in the compound. It seems Bukenya thought the frightened family had relocated to the smaller house.

Detectives emerged from their hiding places and arrested Bukenya and took him to Kakuuto police station where he‘s detained as investigations continue.

According to Mulengera, Bukenya was angry that he had been evicted from a small piece of land by his father.

Bukenya then vowed revenge. Several residents like Gerald Kasiita testify to hearing him threaten to burn down the family home with members in it.

Kasiita adds that Bukenya had also promised to hack the old man to death.

Another resident Paul Mwanje says Mulengera had reported threats to his life and his family to village council leaders. No action was taken by the council leaders.

In police custody, Bukenya admitted he had tried to kill Mulengera and his family because he was angry for being expelled from the home without a share in the family land.

Betegerize says that an SD reference No. 02/20/01/15 has been opened for further inquiries as Bukenya remains in detention.

He also explains that the suspect would be charged with attempted murder and arson after conclusive investigations. He says that he will be produced in court as soon as they are through with their investigations.

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