Mother Poisons Self To Death

A woman has poisoned herself and two children rather than handing over one to a man who was claimed to be the father.

Gloria Nakeera (24) is now dead while her two children Viola Kisekka (4) and Walcot Kisekka (6) are fighting for their lives at Betelemu health centre, Rakai district.

The incident occurred this Wednesday morning in Nabigasa Village, Nabigasa Sub County.

Nakeera has been married to Paul Kisekka.

Speaking to the press, Kisekka said he was called from work that his wife was dead after taking poison with their two children.

Nakeera was pronounced dead on arrival at Betelemu health centre and her body transferred to Kalisizo hospital for an autopsy.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Noah Sserunjoji said that Nakeera had ingested rat poison.

Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person
Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person

The couple was reported to be experiencing marital difficulties after a man only identified as Jumba turned up and claimed to be the father of one of their children.

Kisekka said that while he had heard rumours that his wife was unfaithful, he had never taken them seriously.

Jumba is said to have demanded for custody of the child he claims to have fathered with Nakeera.

Nakeera was said to be distressed about the matter.

Sserunjoji said that police have started a search for Jumba to help with investigations.

Suicide and murder over infidelity has become common in Masaka region.

In October 2014 a man identified as Julius Nagaba killed his wife Morey Kyalimpa over suspicion of infidelity. They were resident in Ntyazo village, Ntusi sub county in Ssembabule district.

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  1. Thats where bulokole becomes important. All this should have not happened. Quick recovery to the kids

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