Police Recruit Dies After Physical Drills

One person has died during the police recruitment exercise in Fort Portal town.

Police officers in physical drills
Police officers in physical drills

Steven Bwampu, aged 32 years, from Bunidbugyo district died Tuesday evening after undergoing physical drills.

Bakari Mugah, the Rwenzori region police spokesperson says the deceased was among the more than 300 people from the Rwenzori region who had turned up on the first day of the recruitment exercise at Mpanga Secondary School in Fort Portal.

Mugah says that Bwampu collapsed at Fort Portal police station, after taking part in a 4 kilometer run. He was rushed to Fort Portal Referral hospital where he died two hours later.

Denis Namuwoza, the Rwenzori Region Police commander, says that the postmortem will be carried out this afternoon to ascertain the cause of death. He however suspects that the deceased could have lacked body fitness.

In a telephone interview, Francis Azoli, a relative of the deceased says that Bwampu did not have any worrying medical record. He says that the deceased left home on Sunday eager to join the police force.

As a rule, all seeking to join the police force are required to undergo drills to determine their fitness.

The police are currently recruiting more than 3,500 personnel across the country. Three thousand will be recruited as Probation Police Constables while 500 will be cadets.

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  1. A normal body takes time to readjust to physical activity. I wonder as to whether those to be recruited are informed to begin exercises or practice long distance running. This is not the first time i am hearing of a person to have collapsed dead during recruitment exercise. Police and the army should take responsibility over such deaths if the participants are not warned in advance. It is like giving students exams without giving them time or notifying them to prepare.

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