Political Education Is The Food Of Ideology – M7 Tells the Army

President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated the Army leadership for continuing to expose Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Officers to political education.

Kaguta Museveni Yoweri

The President was speaking yesterday at the passing out ceremony of Army Officers between the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and 2nd Lieutenant, who completed a two-month’ course in political education and leadership at the Oliver Tambo leadership Institute, Kaweweta in Nakaseke district.

“Political education is the food of ideology. It is very important that political education is emphasized in the Army. Ideology is the systematic way of how one looks at the World,” he said.

The President observed that this was the first time in Uganda to have peace for 29 continuous years adding that during the colonial rule, various groups in the country fought each other citing cattle rustlers who were active in the Karamoja Sub-Region as youths practiced the old ideology that fuelled insecurity to the people of the area.

President Museveni, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, said that the NRM Government made the conclusion that Uganda needs 4 major principles to progress.

He said that the most outstanding one was patriotism and noted that under it, sectarianism based on religion, tribe or gender chauvinism is countered.

He said that they were able to analyze and expose the bankruptcy of sectarianism adding that the most crucial aspect is that every family needs income, education, employment and prosperity.

He observed that the Banyankore who are his tribes mates do not help him towards generating income for his family.

He attributed the issue to the fact that they neither buy his milk nor his bananas since they produce the same products.

He said that the people that benefit him were the residents of Kampala who buy his products.

The President further noted the need for Pan–Africanism in order for our prosperity to become a full reality.

He stressed the need to go beyond the region in order to feed the bigger market requires us all to work towards the unification of the African continent.

He reminded the officers that Uganda has continued to help the people of South Sudan and noted that this move assures the people of Uganda of a market for their products.

He revealed that the other factor was social economic transformation.

He reiterated that poverty in families was due to lack of education and that poverty was being promoted by sticking to tradition such as the rearing of cattle using traditional methods.

He emphasized that we cannot behave in a traditional manner in a modern era adding that it was wrong to do things without serious analysis.

He gave the example of the cultivation of tobacco that generates only Shs.800,000/= per acre per annum and cotton which generates only Shs.400,000/=.

He said that this was a big contrast to fruits that generate Shs.8 million and above per year from the same acreage.

He added that poverty was also partly caused by families that fragment their pieces of land upon the death of family heads.

He stressed that the families should only share the income generated from their land instead of fragmenting it.

President Museveni said that the fourth principle was education noting that this was the reason for the NRM Government’s establishment and promotion of both Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) Programmes.

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