Sam Kutesa, DPP Order Release of Murder Suspect

Sam Kutesa, the President of United Nation General Assembly and Directorate of Public Prosecution ordered the release of Sembabule LC3 Chairman from Masaka Court without charge, police and other sources have revealed.

69th UNGA President, Sam Kutesa
69th UNGA President, Sam Kutesa

Emmanuel Kamihingo, the Ntuusi Sub County LC3 Chairman, was arrested on Wednesday for alleged murder.

He was on Thursday  produced at Masaka High Court from where he escaped minutes before he was to be charged.

Kamihingo was arrested with three others over their alleged involvement in the murder of businessman Jonan Nkatunga.

The other suspects are Eric Bekuliliza, James Twajira and Kisubi Kisirizi.

Kamihingo was allgedly owed Nkatunga eight million shillings. The figure was discovered in an accounts book Nkatunga  maintained for all his debtors.

The deceased’s brother Nathan Rwakanoni confirms the debt owed.

Nkatunga, a prominent cattle trader and a resident of Kamwoshe Village, Ntuusi Sub County, in Sembabule district was killed on December 28, 2014.

He was reportedly attacked while on his way to Kamihingo’s farm to clear a transaction for cattle he had purchased from Kamihingo. He was bludgeoned to death.

Preliminary police investigations indicate that Kamihingo promised his accomplices 6 million shillings for the deed.

On Thursday,  Kamihingo was taken to Masaka Court where he was supposed to be arraigned and charged with murder.

However, after spending close to two hours in the court cells, he escaped with the help of yet to be identified people. He ran out of the cells into a waiting car.

At the wheel of the car, a Toyota Harrier was Lugusulu Sub County Speaker Benon Bulola. There were several other armed persons in the car who could not be identified.

Maxwell Ogwal, the Greater Masaka Region Police commander, says although police had taken Kamihingo to court for charging, they got a telephone call from office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution ordering for his release without charge.

He says DPP told police not to present Kamihingo to court because the charge had errors.

A police source that prefers to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter however told Uganda Radio Network that Sam Kutesa ordered Police to release Kamihingo or they risk losing their job.

This highly placed detective says they were told to amend the charge and delete Kamihingo’s name from among the murder suspects.

Geoffrey Kwizuka, a brother to the deceased claims Kamihingo’s release is going to affect investigations. He  says being a rich man, he is going to bribe all key witnesses.

Sam Kutesa, the United Nations General Assembly President declined to speak about his alleged involvement in this matter. He however said he knows him.

Emmanuel Kamiyingo, the Ntuusi LC3 Chairman whose dramatic removal from Masaka Court has caused uproar
Emmanuel Kamiyingo, the Ntuusi LC3 Chairman whose dramatic removal from Masaka Court has caused uproar

Benon Bulola, the Speaker of Lugusulu sub county who drove the car in which Kamihingo was transported says he did so because Kamihingo is his brother and a friend.

He says Kamihingo is innocent and the murder charges were meant to tarnish his name.

However, David Bakibinga, the Masaka Principal State Attorney who was handling the file tells Uganda Radio Network that he realized that Kamihingo’s file had been sanctioned prematurely.

He says they asked police not to produce him to court because there they did not have sufficient evidence to charge him with murder.

Bakibinga however says once investigations pin him for murder, they will charge him.

Aquinas Mayanja, a Masaka based lawyer says the DPP has powers to drop charges based on the evidence. He however says it also depends of who is involved in the case.

Mayanja however says in this case there could have been powers involved given the fact that the suspect is connected in Government.

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