Secrets On Bobi Wine’s Bastard Son Leak

Fans of Bobi wine were yesterday shocked when secrets about his out of the wedlock son leaked through his fan Ashburg Kato on Facebook.


Bobi reportedly had a secret affair with a UK based model Saphina Mutebi and after a week, she claimed to be pregnant for him.

However, Bobi never felt at peace with Simon Kyagulanyi his alleged son until recently when he subjected him to a secret DNA test.

On attaining the results, Bobi was shocked when he was told that their DNA did not match ruling out the assumption that he is the biological father.

Full  statement leaked by Ashburg Kato

This is my whole story and I have evidence on everything thing. 7 years ago I met a one gal in London called Saphina Mutebi.

By then I was not married and I made a mistake of my life.

It was once and the next week this gal claimed that she was pregnant.

Ng’omusajja omuganda I was happy to have a new member of the family.

I have been taking responsibilities as a father and no one was complaining

This christmas season I invited Simon as my son to spend the festival with his fellow brothers and sisters.

As soon as the boy landed in Ug from Uk, i said no, this time # Kiggwa_Leero so I secretly without any other persons knowledge

took him for a DNA test coz for so long av been suspecting this.

To my surprise or let me call it shock relief, the results are back and guess what? SIMON KYAGULANYI is not my son.

Not even Barbie or Saphina knows this. I have decided to make u a star by giving u this info first and any question about this u will be the first to get the


Proof of DNA test results and other concrete evidence will be out. I’m so sorry for my boy Simon but your mum is responsible. I’m sorry Barbie that u had

to go such pain, I’m sorry my family and fans. Shadrak, Shalom & Solomon are my only 3 biological kids as of 20th/01/2015.

However after several social media rants, Bobi wine came out to deny being responsible for the leaked secrets but never denied the contents of the revelation.

“It has never been my style putting my personal/family matters in the media and it’s not going to start now, those are words of Ashburg Kato AND NOT MY WORDS! I believe NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR MEDIA ATTENTION, especially where there are young innocent souls involved,” Bobi posted on his Facebook page

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