Sejusa Finally Meets Museveni

Former Coordinator of Intelligence Services General David Sejusa has finally met his Commander in Chief President Yoweri Museveni. The meeting happened on Saturday January 03, at the Entebbe State House.

General David Sejusa shakes hands with President Yoweri Museveni at their meeting at State House, Entebbe
General David Sejusa shakes hands with President Yoweri Museveni at their meeting at State House, Entebbe

General Sejusa had on Thursday, January 02 announced to the press that he would not meet President Museveni unless certain conditions were met.

Among the conditions Sejusa set, he said he wanted a clarification on his position in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) from which he has since 1996 attempted to retire. He remains a serving officer.

General Sejusa also said he wanted guarantees on his personal safety as his life had been threatened during his time in exile in London, England by allegedly Ugandan government agents.

Sejusa also said that he wanted a discussion on the plot to assassinate senior government officials, including himself, he had authored before he fled the country in May 2013.

The publication of Sejusa’s letter led to the closure of two Ugandan papers; The Daily Monitor and the Red Pepper for a time.

The Saturday meeting at Entebbe State House was most publicly facilitated by a fellow serving General Elly Tumwine and Sejusa’s lawyers among them politician Michael Mabikke.

In a statement issued by Special Presidential Assistant Sarah Kagingo, President Museveni said he had personally handled General Sejusa’s surprise return to Uganda on December 14.

The press release sought to explain the circumstances of Sejusa’s return and clear perceptions that Sejusa had struck a secret deal with government to be allowed back into the country.

“Gen. Tinyefuza has been in London, but at some stage I came to learn that he wanted to come back. I sent three young people some of whom are here to contact Gen. Sejusa to establish whether he wanted to come back whatever happens”

President Museveni said Gen. Tinyefuza agreed to come home at his cost.

“I have been seeing in the papers that he was bribed, that we gave him money, that is not true. We had actually wanted to buy his ticket, he said no. He said he is a rich man. It is true that I told these young people that we would support him, but he declined.”

The President said because he handled Gen. Sejusa’s return himself, did not involve other people except the young people Michael Katungi and Janet Anyine.


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