Singer Chizzo Arrested

 Former United Kingdom based Ugandan afro-RnB artist Richard Lubega commonly known as Chizzo was arrested at the end of last week due to debts which accrued to almost shs15m.

Chizzo and girlfriend at Jinja road Police station

Chizzo a member of Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Phamily was picked from his rented pad in Ntinda by nonsense Money lenders under the company Otar Financial services.

The mission was executed by the help of Jinja road police detectives.

According to the Joe Otar who lent Chizzo revealed that ever since he gave him money one and half years ago, Chizzo has been pretending that he is out of the country.

”We set up intelligence last year around March and we managed to arrest him and he agreed to sign a cheque of 2.8million and later 11.2million; they all bounced,” said Joe Otar.

The first Cheque of 2800000 was issued on 27th March 2014 but banked on 19th may which bounced and second was also signed on 10/4/2014, banked on 21st May after being cleared from Stanbic bank. When Otar took it to Equity bank the two cheques immediately bounced.

Otar tried by all means to settle these matters on a personal level but Chizzo showed him no concern claiming that he had been busy in UK doing his business.

After four months of fruitless hunt, Otar went to Jinja road on 15th September, opened a case against Chizzo issuing fake cheques under file SD51/15/9/2014

When the suspect learn t of his hunting he went into oblivion since then until he was unearthed last week from Ntinda by police detectives who had earlier tracked him down and mastered his movements.

Chizzo Appeared at Jinja Road in accompaniment of his girlfriend and singer Bebecool.

They tried to sort it with OCCIID Boss Bogere Ronald but things turned from bad to worse when Otar revealed that the car which Chizzo had given him its log book as a security was in dangerous mechanical condition and even he sold it couldn’t have raised a quarter of money he demanded.

When Bebecool saw that he couldn’t handle the matters, he just ran away from the police station to let Chizzo suffer with his debts.

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