Smart Telecom Unleashes Shs39K WhatsApp Phone

Smart Telecom Uganda yesterday unleashed the cheapest phone ever with WhatsApp and Facebook applications.


Kyali is the latest smoking Hot deal from SMART, it’s an ultra low cost handset with smart phone capabilities, costing only 39000/=.

Sources have further revealed that Kyali has battery that can last for over 7 days when fully charged.

“With a battery lasting 7 days, you can rely on it to be on when you need it to be, which means that you are available to your friends and family whilst staying fully connected at all times,” revealed the source.

This phone comes bundled with 500MB of data, and airtime bonus of 6500/= monthly for 6 months, which means the phone is free.

The whatsapp and Facebook applications are pre-installed on the phone which allows you to remain active and engaged, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

All this comes on top of having the lowest tariff in the market where you can call across all networks for only 3/= per second, with Smart Beeyi Emu.

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