Tabligh Clerics Agree to Unite Under Mufti Mubaje

Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the Amiir Ummah and Amiir Daula Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto have resolved to unite under the leadership of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council for the good of the Muslim community. 

Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the Amiir Ummah, Amir Daula Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto and the Mufti at Old Kampala
Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the Amiir Ummah, Amir Daula Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto and the Mufti at Old Kampala

Kamoga is the head of Jamaat Dawat Salafiya an off shoot of Uganda Muslim Tabligh Community led by Sheikh Kakeeto.

The duo announced the decision shortly after holding a closed door meeting with Sheikh Shaban Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda in his office this afternoon at the National Mosque in Old Kampala.

Both Kamoga and Kakeeto said they were responding to the Mufti’s appeal for Muslim unity and development in Uganda.

Sheikh Kamoga noted that Muslims have lost a lot of time and opportunities due to the perennial wrangles saying enough is enough.

He says the divisions have affected Muslim progress as they can’t lobby for development projects as a block. On his part sheikh Sheikh Kakeeto said it is high time Muslims unite under Uganda Muslim Supreme Council so that they can address issues affecting the community collectively.

Sheikh Mubaje welcomed the duo to Uganda Muslim Supreme Council saying it was their home and the home of all Muslims in Uganda.

He commended the two Muslim leaders for serving Muslims in their capacities and repeated his call for Muslim unity and reconciliation saying this will foster development.

The Mufti urged Muslims to focus on key issues like poverty alleviation, promoting education and health amongst Muslims in the country.

The three Muslim leaders have agreed to hold special Juma prayers at the National Mosque as a sign of their reconciliation and unity.

The Tabligh community, which is majorly comprised of youth severed ties with the UMSC leadership in the early 1990’s.

The youthful accused the UMSC, which was largely to be filled up of old men of following innovations in Islam, such as the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

In 1991, Tabligh leaders attempted to raid the UMSC headquarters during the reign of the late Mufti Sheikh Saad Ibrahim Luweemba but they were repulsed by police.  Some of the youths were picked up and jailed for close to three years.

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