Uganda, Rwanda Sign Deal to Share Information On Rebel Groups in DR Congo

Uganda and Rwanda have signed an agreement that will see the two countries share intelligence on rebel groups operating from the Democratic Republic of Congo against each other’s government.

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Representatives of the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces and Rwanda Defense Forces signed the Memorandum of Understanding after a closed door meeting held at the border town of Kabale Wednesday evening.

UPDF 2nd Division spokesperson Major Ronald Kakurungu, said that the two countries will share intelligence information on rebel groups operating from Democratic Republic of Congo.

The deal between the two forces is aimed at enhancing information sharing to enable the forces battle the militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo, says Major Ronald Kakurungu.

The closed door meeting that took place at White House Inn, Kabale district, was attended by proximity commanders and intelligence officers.

Rwanda government is battling with the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda while the Uganda forces have been fighting the Allied Democratic Front rebel group based in DR Congo.

Rwanda’s 2nd Division commander Brigadier General Emmy Ruvusha said that the rebels have been regrouping but “the challenge has always been that Uganda and Rwanda cannot go beyond their borders to hunt down the enemies.”

“The best way to go is to work closely and ensure that the challenges are handled jointly,” says Brigadier General Emmy Ruvusha

UPDF 2nd Division Commander Brigadier Peter Elwelu, also revealed that the closed door meeting discussed vital security matters among them checking the vice of sale of banned substances such as Waragi to Rwanda.

It is the second time that the two armies are holding a joint security meeting. The first meeting took place in 2012 in Mbarara district.

The UN has severally accused Uganda and Rwanda of supporting rebels operating in DR Congo Kivu region despite strong denials from the two governments.

Rwanda has backed armed movements in the DR Congo during the past two decades, citing a need to tackle Rwandan rebels operating in eastern DR Congo.

While Uganda, through an understanding with Kinshasha is pursuing the Allied Democratic Front rebels in eastern DR Congo.

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