Waragi Dealer Jailed 3 Years

Moroto Magistrate court has sentenced a waragi dealer to three years imprisonment after she was found guilty of illegal possession of the illicit gin.

A creative school boy in Moroto made a cap of empty sachets of waragi
A creative school boy in Moroto made a cap of empty sachets of waragi

Night Auma, an Atur by tribe, appeared on Wednesday before court where she pleaded guilty on her own plea.

Also found with a 20-litre of the illicit gin was Laragat Lopeyok a resident of Nadunget parish.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months imprisonment at Moroto Central Government Prison without remission-lessening of jail period.

Court heard that around January 24th, 2015. Auma was found with 40 jericans of waragi with a retail value of shs 4.8million in her possession.

She was arrested by the police and detained at Moroto central police station.

She, however, in her mitigation pleaded for leniency saying she was pregnant and was left with a few days to deliver twins. Adding that her husband had not been able to provide for her forcing her to engage in the waragi trade.

Her Worship Grace Balintuma, the Moroto Grade one Magistrate insisted that the suspect be jailed. She said her sentence would send a signal to other dealers out there that it was illegal to possess the potent gin.

She added that waragi consumption was the leading cause of 90 percent of domestic related violence in Karamoja sub region.

Auma was charged with 40 counts of the possession of Enguli contrary to section 21 and 16 for a punishment not exceeding shs. 3000 or face a jail term of not more than six months.

Balintuma further ruled that Auma pays a fine of shs 2.4 million the wholesale market price of waragi or spends three years in Moroto Prison. The imprisonment of Auma, a waragi dealer is the first of its kind in Karamoja.

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