Zuena ‘Breastfeeds’ Bebe Cool In Public

The Gagamel first family never runs out of stunts and surprises that spark off public scrutiny and ridicule.


At a recent show at Sheraton hotel on New Year’s Eve, Zuena was pictured breastfeeding her husband Bebe cool.

The singer was busy sucking the flabby cleavage of his wife as she looked on seemingly excited.

However the public has come out to criticize the couple’s public behavior though it was lovely.

The couple acted cozy for the whole night until Bebe stepped on stage to entertain the crowd.


There were many performances from Uganda’s top entertainers that included, Chameleone, Sheebah, Iryn Namubiru among others.

The crowd was not only surprised by Bebe cool’s kiddish behavior but Desire Luzinda’s appearance as well.

Desire showed up on stage clad in tight pants which left her curves exposed for optical nutrition.

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