7 Important Tips To Keep Your Vagina Clean, Sweet and Healthy for your Husband

As a woman, keeping your vagina healthy and sweet is important your sexual organs are very valuable and must be well cared for. Here are 7 simple tips to help you do just that.

The human race has always found expression of affection in sex and romantic interaction.

Over the years humans have demonstrated the importance of a healthy sex and love, getting married, having relationships and turning sex into a business.

Undoubtedly, sex and love are very important to our general wellbeing, as a man or as a woman.

This by implication means our sex organs are very valuable and must be well cared for.

So, as a woman, keeping your vagina healthy and sweet is important.

Here are 7 simple tips to help you do just that:

Wash your vagina as often as possible. Vaginal odour is one of the worst problems a woman can face. To prevent this, wash at least twice a day with a gentle, unscented soap. Make sure you wash the pubic hair around the vagina. They usually retain sweat and dirt which in turn can create foul odour.

Give your vagina a regular haircut or shave. Some people crave a hairy vagina, but keeping too much vaginal hair is not so wise.

Truth is, the shorter the vaginal hair, the lower the chances of odour and infections. Women who have the time to constantly clean up may not have a problem with this. This is not always so if your hygiene standards are high. But shorter is cleaner and better.

Let our vagina breathe with the right lingerie. Use the right lingerie which will allow air around your vagina because, leaving the area damp leaves you open to a bacterial invasion. Cotton underwear is preferably to nylon and other airless fabric.

Get medical help once you notice an infection. It is not wise to watch a vaginal infection develop. Once you notice an itch, strange colouration of vaginal (menstrual) emissions, strange feelings or noticeable signs of infections — say foul odour, rashes or boils, head to the hospital. The danger of leaving infections untreated goes beyond odours. Your fertility as woman is also at risk.

Change your underwear regularly. A woman should never wear an underwear item for more than a day. Vaginal secretions make it totally unhealthy, damp and a ready ground for bacteria to multiply. This is even more important during menstruation.

No perfumes around the vagina. If you have odour around the vagina, spraying perfume will not help you. Perfume will make matters worse by causing a PH imbalance which is not good. So the best option is to up your hygiene.

Make your vagina taste sweet with good food. It has been proven that what you eat affects the taste of your vaginal juices. So eat the right kind of fruits, especially those high in natural sugar— oranges, apples, mangoes etc. They have a positive effect on vaginal taste, same as with yoghurt and honey. On the other hand, avoid fruits and vegetables that give bad breath — like onions, garlic. They have an equally negative effect on vaginal taste, just like alcohol, coffee and spicy food.

A bonus tip is to use baby wipes instead of the usual tissue paper after a visit to the toilet.

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