Arrested Drug Dealer Dies of ‘Narcotic Poisoning’ at Mulago

A drug dealer who was arrested by Ugandan Police yesterday has died of suspected Narcotic poisoning.

Valentti Rogas Richard Fabricio, a 33-year old Uruguayan was intercepted at Entebbe International Airport on suspicion of being in possession of drugs.

After a few hours of interrogation and detention, Fabricio who had entered the country aboard Ethiopia Airline 33Q from San Pal in Brazil confessed to ‘having drugs in his stomach’.

But he was only able to excrete fourteen palates before becoming unconscious.

He was then rushed to Entebbe Grade B Hospital where one additional palate was passed out after a little medication.

But Doctors immediately referred him to Mulago National Referral hospital for expert attention. However, one of the palates in his stomach burst, releasing the drugs into his body causing his death.

Police preliminary findings indicate that the suspect died of Narcotic drug poisoning and 25 more palates were recovered in his stomach after he died bringing the total to 40, the palates that he was bringing into the country.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said the palates have been taken to the government Analytical Laboratory to establish the type of drugs he was carrying.

Police is also investigating the final destination of the drugs and contact persons of the suspected drug dealer.

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