Bad Black Composes Song For Greenhaughl

Fresh info reaching our gossip desk from Luzira Prison is that former socialite now inmate Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimba is not sitting idle waiting for the term to end.

David Greenhalgh with Bad Black
David Greenhalgh with Bad Black

Snoops have established that Black has resorted to composing songs as she anticipates a career in singing when she is released.

Highly places sources at the prison intimate to  Red Pepper online that Black has in fact already composed four songs and is just waiting to finish her jail term to start recording them.

The source adds that Black has been telling fellow inmates that one of the songs was composed for her ex-lover, UK businessman David Greenhaughl.

Contrary to what most people expected, Black heaps praise on the Briton instead of blasting him.

It is believed that Black and Greenhaughl are back on good terms and he has even promised to bank roll her when she is released from jail.

It should be noted that Greenhaughl is the one responsible for her being in jail after he accused her of defrauding him of over Shs11b in 2011.

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