Bebe Cool Regrets Attacking Kenzo

After making hard-hitting remarks on singer Eddy Kenzo, Bebe cool seems to be regretting why he made the comments after several members of the public have come out to express their displeasure.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

For starters, Bebe cool during a TV interview over the weekend claimed that Eddy Kenzo is still an upcoming artist and no one should compare him (Bebe) to the Sitya Loss singer.

However, the remarks have irked several members of the public including music critics, media personalities and musicians.

“He has been in the industry for more than ten years but he still struggles to have his music played on international television stations unlike Kenzo,” one fan was overheard ranting.

Despite the public rants, Bebe Cool has not made any further comments on the issue something that has sparked off brain work that he is probably regretting.

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