Chameleone Buys Wife Range Rover As Bebe Cool Gives Zuena Carless Keys

As Valentine’s Day was celebrated with love, Ugandan music maestros Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool decided to appreciate their wives by showering them with expensive gifts.

“A small gift for a special person u r ZUENA in our life, thanks for loving, trusting, caring, and looking after our lovely family. From me and the kids,” Bebe Cool posted on his official Facebook page.

The post was supplemented by a picture of unknown Mercedes Benz Keys.


Chameleone bought a Range Rover for his wife and posted that; “Happiness can be described in a smile on your face. But can also be described by the happiness and smile on the face of the few that smile about who you are no matter what the world might think of you.”

“We all express love in special ways. You deserve so much more in life Mrs. Mayanja. For now, my Gratitude can be expressed like this!!!! Enjoy your ride,” Chameleone posted

Chameleone supplemented the post with a picture of his wife and kid happily standing in front of the monster ride.


Social media commentators have now started to troll Bebe Cool that he gave out the keys without a car.

Otim Patrick blasted Bebe Cool that; “Stupid bustard, you don’t have to come to social media to show that you can afford to buy for wife a key”

Our sources that have investigated further have revealed that Bebe Cool has been driving a Mercedes Benz C200 which belongs to his yet to be identified friend.

A highly placed source inside Gagamel Phamily has revealed that Bebe Cool did not buy any car for Zuena.

“He just posted the Pictures of a friend’s car to attract attention on social media,” a highly placed source in Gagamel Phamily revealed.

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