Doctors Suspended Over Strike

Four intern doctors are suspended from Gulu regional referral hospital for leading a strike and inciting violence.  They include Geoffrey Ndikabona, Uthuman Kiliza, Semei Mutesasira and Samuel Kamoga.

The hospital Director Dr. Nathan Onyachi said the group led the strike of over 12 intern doctors at the hospital on 29th January 2015.

The hospital also accused the doctors of absconding from duty, putting lives of patients at risk and declining a call to turn up for a meeting organized to address their grievances.

The interns were protesting against a 4 month delay in the remittance of their monthly allowances.

Each intern doctor is allocated a monthly allowance of shs 650,000.

As a result, they are suspended from carrying out their internship at the hospital because they are putting patients’ lives at risk contrary to the Hippocratic Oath and ethics of the medical profession, Dr Onyachi stated.

By yesterday, the interns were directed to vacate the interns’ mess and the hospital premises and advised to pursue their unpaid allowances on their own with the ministry of health.

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