DP Moves to Resolve Party Wrangles Ahead Of 2016 Elections

Democratic Party has set up committees at village level as to resolve internal party wrangles ahead of 2016 general elections.

Some of the Disgruntled DP leaders confronting Mukasa Mbidde, the DP Legal advisor.
Some of the Disgruntled DP leaders confronting Mukasa Mbidde, the DP Legal advisor.

John Kawanga, the Democratic Party Vice Chairman says the party is still struggling with many conflicts resulting from 2011 general elections.

He says many members and previous candidates who lost the in the party primaries did not concede defeat.

Kawanga, who is also the former Member of Parliament for Masaka Municipality who lost to Mathias Mpuuga says many losers felt they were rigged out.

He says the committees are tasked with explaining to party members how multi-party system’s party primaries work.

Mukasa  Mbidde, the Democratic Party legal advisor says the committees at all lower  level are led by neutral DP Member.  He pledges that the 2011 mistakes when some party members were ring-fenced will not happened.

Susan Namaganda, the Member of Parliament for Bukomansimbi District blames the top DP Party leadership for fueling the wrangles. She says the party leadership hand pick candidates in the run up to 2011 general elections.

Michael Mulindwa, the former Nyendo-Ssenyange division candidate says he is happy with the formation of these conflict resolution committees.
Ahead of 2011 general elections, several DP members defied the party and contested as independent candidates.

Some of the affected DP politicians are Erias Lukwago, the Kampala City Lord Mayor, Mathias Mpuuga, the Masaka Municipality MP and Sam Walter Lubega, a former presidential candidate amongst others.

These politicians defied the party leadership after Mathias Nsubuga, the Democratic Party secretary general and legal advisor Fred Mukasa Mbidde announced that some of seats would not be open from primary elections since they already had strong candidates.

Some of the constituencies that were ring fenced included the Masaka Municipality Parliamentary and LC5 seats.
The secretariat went then  declared John Kawanga and Charles Muyimba  Sonko as Masaka Municipality MP and LC 5 candidates respectively.

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