Golden Production Excites Kawanda Dwellers

Recently, Kawanda residents were seen walking to the popular Riviera Gardens just to catch up with the long awaited Golden production concert.


Getting to the venue there was a long queue of people at the entrance as everyone struggled to find themselves inside for the concert.

The concert attracted all kinds if people ranging from young to old, small, big, tall, short and any else you could think about.

The anxious impatiently waited for the microphone, guitars, keyboards to be switched on and as soon as they were there was dancing, singing and clapping at the performances by various curtain raisers before the big stars like Ronald Mayinja, Maureen Nantume, Catherine Kusasira, Mesach Semakula to mention but a few claimed the stage at around 1am.


Their presence on stage raised the upbeat of the crowd that the seats seemed useless as people danced all the way.

The crowd sang along, danced and showed a lot of love for the band, it was very surprising that even by 2am there was still a full house of revelers singing and dancing to the band.

The band didn’t disappoint with their celestial voices backed up by a professional live band and very entertaining instrumentalists.

The revelers were given goodies like T-shirts, water bottles and key holders courtesy of MTN that has sponsored the band for 8 years now.


MTN believes Golden production is the best and oldest band in Uganda and it sponsors it as a give back to its customers who love local music.

The concerts are always set at an affordable price thus to enabling everyone enjoy live quality local music by Golden production which comprises most the top local artists in Uganda.

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